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Fashion and Clothing

Create a killer look with bold sugar skull clothing

Are you drawn to the mysterious world of sugar skulls and are you looking to buy uniquely designed sugar skull clothing online? Black and Gold is an online fashion store that offers a wide collection of unique, colourful items, which are adorned with the famous Mexica sugar skulls. On the website, you’ll find striking items for both men and women. The eye-catching fashion items are a celebration of life and truly embody a sense of the person you genuinely want to be. Whether you’re looking to a buy a comfortable, colourful shirt, made of fine materials, or a set of original, fashionable accessories: Black and Gold offers amazing items for a reasonable price that will make you instantly stand out from the crowd. What items are on your wishlist?

The birth of a fashion line inspired by a Mexican holiday

Black and Gold was founded by two travellers, making their way through North-America. The collection of sugar skull clothing was inspired by the founders witnessing the mysterious tradition of ‘Dia de los Muertos’, during their stay in Mexico. The two travelling friends were fascinated by the way this holiday was celebrated. Inhibitions were dressing up as skeletons and undead beings, as they were honouring the dead. The men became to see the Mexican sugar skulls as a symbol of energy, passion and exuberance and directly felt inspired to create a brand that was symbolised by sugar skull clothing and matching accessories. Not much later, a fashion line for both men and women was born.

Discover a new collection every three months

Are you looking for casual sugar skull clothing that is colourful, yet simplistic and modern in design? Black and Gold offers a beautiful collection with items that are a must-have in every wardrobe. The collection is being updated every three months with new styles and brand new product lines. Make sure you’ll pay a visit to the webshop every once in a while to not miss out on incredible items that could be your future favourites. Which clothing or accessories are you drawn to?