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The key to efficient production: an in-depth look at the flowability of powders and granulation

In the world of powder and granule production and processing, flowability plays a crucial role. Understanding and controlling this phenomenon is essential for optimising processes and ensuring consistent quality. In this article, we dive deeper into the concepts of flowability and granulation, and explore their importance for various industries.

What is flowability?

Flowability refers to the extent to which a powder or granules behaves like a liquid during flow. It is influenced by factors such as particle size, shape, surface properties and moisture content. A good understanding of flowability is crucial for the design of efficient conveying systems, dispensing equipment and packaging processes.

Granulation: forming agglomerates

Granulation is the process of combining small particles into larger agglomerates, which often have better flow properties than individual powders. This process can be achieved by several methods, including wet granulation, dry granulation and spray granulation. The resulting granules are often more manageable and can be more easily processed in various applications.

The importance of flowability in industrial processes

In various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing, flowability plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable production processes. Problems with poor flowability can lead to blockages, dosing inconsistencies and production losses. Therefore, optimising the flowability of powders and granules is a priority for many companies.

Solids Solutions Delft: leading in flowability and granulation

One company dedicated to providing flowability and granulation solutions is Solids Solutions Delft. With their in-depth expertise and cutting-edge technologies, they help industries around the world optimise their production processes. From characterising powder flows to developing customised granulation processes, Solids Solutions Delft is known for their innovative approaches and reliable results.

In a world where efficiency and quality are vital, a good understanding of flowability and granulation is essential. By investing in research, technology and expertise in this field, companies can optimise their production processes and gain competitive advantage. With pioneers like Solids Solutions Delft leading the way in this field, the future of powder and granulation processing is brighter than ever before.