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Three Ways Technology Improved Traffic Control


Since we initially acquired it, technology has improved tremendously. It’s extremely obvious that technology has advanced from the days of riding horses to the days of driving electric automobiles, from putting pen to paper to write letters that would take a while to arrive to just sending a text that would arrive in seconds. Technology was created with the intention of making our life simpler and more convenient. And this is true in every aspect of our life, including traffic control. Although we may not give traffic management much thought in our daily lives, it has become considerably simpler to control as technology has advanced. 

The population of the world has also been increasing over the past few years, which results in more vehicles and traffic. These 3 technological advances prevented traffic control from becoming unmanageable.

Long range RFID

RFID, also known as long-range radio frequency identification, is a technology that tracks and identifies any object using electromagnetic waves. This technique is mostly used to regulate vehicle access to private homes or restricted regions. The long range RFID system is made up of three parts: an RFID reader, an RFID antenna, and an RFID tag. The antenna and reader (which go together) will be installed at the entry and/or leaves of the premises, and the RFID tag is going to be fastened to the vehicle that is authorized to enter and exit the private or limited area. The vehicles will either be granted access or refused access each time they approach it.

New parking sensors

Our accustomed parking sensor technology has undergone significant advancements. The upgraded parking sensors can now automatically identify every car in a parking lot. For the purpose of enforcing the parking lot’s laws, the parking sensors 2.0 will gather and preserve all of the data it detects. The manner in which people park all over the world may alter as a result of this new generation of parking sensors. People who want to park their cars can see the parking lot’s data to determine which spaces are available and which are not. 

Automatic identification of license plates

This technology employs cameras to automatically scan the license plates of moving automobiles. Law enforcement uses automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR, extremely frequently. It makes a significant portion of their work easier for them to do. Without ANPR, finding lost or stolen automobiles would be far more difficult.

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