Top Places That You Must See in Munich

Are you planning your next vacation? Having a difficult time deciding which place to visit? One of the top tourist destinations is Munich. It is a famous city in the state of Bavaria and the 3rd largest city in Germany. Munich is a city that is filled with plenty of cultural attractions. This city is referred as the most refined and sophisticated cities in Germany. There are many attractions in Munich for you to see. In this article, we have highlighted some of the best places that you should you visit.

Take a look at the best places to visit in Munich.

Visit Training Facility of FC Bayern Munich

If you are a football fan, Munich is a must visit place for you. You can see the world champion football players dribble, pass and kick during a free training session. This session is held many times during a week at the headquarters of the FC Bayern Munich club. The headquarters is located on the Sabener Strasse that is south of the city center, nearly 6 km. It is at 10 minutes walking distance from the Mangfallsplatz U-Bahn station.


Another cool place that you should visit when in Munich is Hofbrauhaus. It is one of the world’s popular beer hall. This is a must-visit place for every tourist as most of the beers are brewed by owners themselves. Your beer will taste better with the delicious platter of the local specialties. You can enjoy and have a great time with the oompah music. Here you can experience the hospitality of Bavaria at its best.

The English Garden

The English Garden is a wonderful place for tourist to explore. It is situated northeast of Munich Residence and is the largest park of Munich. The English Garden is one of the most popular Garden because it is bigger than the Central Park of New York. You can rent a paddle boat or visit the traditional beer gardens. You can even walk on the wooded path. You can enjoy the greenery and see Germans surfing on the waterway Eisbach.

Olympic Stadium of Munich

The Olympic stadium in Munich was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. At that time, the design of the stadium was futuristic and revolutionary. The clear canopies of acrylic glass were the main attraction of the stadium. You can take a tour guide and discover more of the stadium.

In the end, if you are interested in having the time of your life, Munich is the place for you. There are many accommodation options, ranging from luxurious to budget friendly hotels in Munich. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to spend plenty of money by staying at a luxury hotel. Instead, you can stay in a cheap hotel in Munich can explore the beauty of this picturesque city. So, book your tickets and visit Munich with your loved ones and have unforgettable memories. More information about a budget hotel in Munich airport