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What happens next (After the event)

Many hours of time and energy is used in prepared for an exhibition and making sure the stand, your branding and agenda for the day has been finalised. Right down to the finer details, to promise a successful day for you and the attendees.

However, the hard work doesn’t stop there and will continue when you return to the office. The exhibition hall gives you the space and environment to draw visitors to your stand space and gets the wheels in motion when it comes to building rapport.

Gaining new business is a long road. But it’s a long road that allows you to strengthen your brand and grow your customer base. Exhibitions can help enormously, but only when teamed with a strong follow up plan.

Email & reintroduce

After the event, don’t let those good conversations go to waste. Keep the momentum going with an email the following morning to check in and of course, make sure they don’t forget you.

Be quick and get in front of them before the rest to make that all important lasting impression.

Ask for feedback

Feedback can be hard to take, but ultimately it allows you to take opinions and ideas on board. Asking for feedback will highlight areas of improvement, and give you the opportunity to make changes for the next event.

Requesting feedback will only better your stand, design and your business.

Social Media Follow Ups

In addition to emailing the visitors who you had strong conversation with, connecting with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn is a good idea too.

Social platforms are another way to show images and videos that display how you used your exhibition day and how fantastic your stand looked.

Start planning for the next event

There’s no better time than the present!

After finishing your event and whilst everything is fresh in your mind, getting to work on the next event isn’t a bad idea. Using the feedback from your event to build a bigger and better stand and atmosphere for the next one.