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Do all your Christmas shopping at this wholesale

It is never too early to buy the Christmas decorations for the following holiday season. That is also exactly why Timstor, a Christmas wholesale specialist in Arendonk, in Belgium, is open year-round. Both their physical store and their webshop are filled with thousands of different items for you to choose from.

Metal trinkets

One of the many quality products that these specialists sell are their metal items. These small trinkets are very charming and perfect to put in your shop window or on the counter. Are you looking for something in your house? That is also perfectly possible! Everyone is welcome to shop at Timstor. The friendly employees, or Christmas elves as they call them, will help you pick out the most magical Christmas decorations in Belgium at their wholesale store. There you will find an adorable Santa riding a tricycle filled with presents, but also a little metal Christmas sign, which fits perfectly in every store. You don’t need to make a lot of space for these decorations. You can put them in little spots around the store and keep the main focus on your own products. This way, your customers will be able to enjoy the Christmas spirit without being distracted. Do you want to put your items in an original packaging? Then you might want to consider the coloured gift boxes from these specialist. With their little stripes, dots and hearts they are sure to be an absolute favourite with your customers. You can buy these easily in their online shop: www.timstor.com/en/

Get to know the team behind these adorable items

Are you interested to buy the statues or other smaller items from this Christmas wholesale specialist? Place your order today and it will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Are you interested in the team behind all these amazing products? These experts would love to tell you more about them and their mission. Contact them quickly!