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Room Divider For The Education Sector

Schools and colleges consist of different areas, rooms and many vast spaces. To have access to large halls and spaces is great, but you’ll need the right furniture to make the most of the space and to maximise the uses.

Transform canteens into exam halls and classrooms into individual training areas. Whatever your plans may be for the space, screening and dividing options will support your vision.

Modern room divider designs enhance the space and won’t look out of the place. The multiple styles present endless uses and will see you through all scenarios.

Here’s some great suggestions on how to use portable room dividers.

Learning tools

Can it divide? Yes. Can it support learning? Yes. A multi-functional screen will help on both aspects and provide the support the area and the teachers require.

The white gloss laminate is wipe clean and accepts white board pens. So, divisions can be made and teaching can commence anywhere within the school.

For a more custom finish, a printed solution is fun and bespoke. Create an image or visual that will have learning benefits and engage the pupils.

Loop nylon will effectively display images, paintings and additional learning material that needs to be seen by the whole class.

Re-configuring a space

Making the most of a large space can be hard, but with the help of an office screen, you can divide until your hearts content.

Naturally, large areas such as sports halls can be separated in to a multi sports room to allow different ages and year groups to exercise. And canteen’s segmented into individual spaces for exams and tests.

Parent’s evenings / Exhibitions

Loop nylon fabric is a popular material for display boards, as it accepts Velcro attachments to allow for notices and important information. But to take them to the next level, the sturdy panels can hold art projects and artwork to display the creative work done by pupils.

Emergency / Medical Screening

For those emergencies or situations when privacy is needed, the portable screen will be right on hand. During COVID-19 the easy clean finish has been ideal for areas which need privacy, but also need to be sanitary.

Choose a medical screen which is easy to move and can be disinfected between uses.