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Why would you hire someone for custom paintings?

Custom paintings are an interesting option to give your interior a unique touch. You can have a piece made in your favourite painting style that perfectly matches the rest of your interior. Think about colours and the size of the work. With custom paintings, it is important that you choose an artist whose work you admire. That is, of course, entirely up to your own taste, but if you like abstract art, we do have a recommendation to make. Read on to find out which artist we recommend.

Work with a talented painter

The painter we always recommend for custom paintings is Ellen de Vylder. She comes from the area of Antwerp in Belgium and has always been passionate about art. She gets her inspiration mainly from dreams. Dreams are very expressive and have a basis in free association. This can be seen in the works of Ellen de Vylder. She is always looking for new relationships between colours and lets herself be led by the emotions of the moment. Her works can be viewed online and will immediately make clear what we are writing down here. If you like the explosive exploration of colours, we recommend you engage her for custom paintings.

Pass on your requirements

Be sure to pass on your requirements to Ellen de Vylder for custom paintings. She likes to know how big the work has to be, what colours you prefer and where it will be placed exactly. That way, the final result will certainly be better. Ellen can also visit you at any time. That way she will certainly get a good idea of what exactly you expect from her. For custom paintings, she always enjoys getting to know her customers better. Actually, that is her favourite part of the job. So do not hesitate to contact her.