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A sheet fed die cutter with cutting-edge technology

A sheet fed die cutter is a very precise machine. Or at least, it should be. As a professional you are probably aware that the difference between a good and a bad cut is just a few microns. Invisible by the human eye, except when your die cutting machine is working with large stacks of A3 or A4 paper. A bad cut when working with massive amounts of paper leads to dire consequences for your business. Gyromag is very much aware of this, and this is why a sheet fed die cutter, or A3 cutting machine, from this company is always of the very best quality.

Cut your paper efficiently

Gyromag is the absolute best supplier of cutting machines. They were founded thirty years ago as a supplying service for rotary offset presses. When the nineties came along they started manufacturing rotary die cutting units specifically for rotary presses. This eventually led them to the path of producing the die cutting machines they are now renowned for. When cutting A3 paper in a die cutting machine of Gyromag, you are working with the leading-edge technology build by experienced engineers.

Trust in the best in the business

Maybe you require a specific type of sheet fed die cutter for your company. If that is the case, do not hesitate to ask about the options. Gyromag has a team of engineers that are more than happy to provide you with custom-made solutions. They will do their very best to make sure your wishes become a reality when it comes to sheet cutting. Thanks to the worldwide shipping options of this company, your desired machines will always reach your business. Whether you wish to work with paper, plastic, cardboard, transparencies or pressure sensitive materials, these machines will have no issue working with them. For cutting through, kissing through, embossing and creasing, this equipment is the absolute best.