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Benefits of Hosting Your Website in Thailand

Like many other countries, Thailand is making progress in IT, and digital marketing is on the boom. Local businessmen used to buy Thailand web hosting service but things got changed when overseas web hosting companies allured them with cheap deals and the ‘international image’. Thailand web hosting encourages local businessmen to prefer local Thai hosting services, especially  if they want to generate organic traffic and more revenue.



Before discussing the benefits of web hosting in Thailand, I would like to inform the readers about the purpose of web hosting. Basically, domain name and web host are the essential parts to start a website. A web hosting service lets a person access his website files via the World Wide Web and serves this website to customers on the web. The domain simple loads the hosted files (the websites) when people type it into an internet browser. Local and remote are two options for web hosting services and both have their own pros and cons.


Benefits of Hosting Your Website in Thailand

Being in the epicenter of Asia, Thailand is the best place for website hosting and it also poses many benefits for local businesses. The location of your business and customers is a determining factor in deciding local or remote web hosting, but the locale of Thailand makes it suitable for both for Asia and international via a high speed DNS network. Here are some major benefits of hosting your website in Thailand.


  •  Performance of Website

The performance of the website significantly depends on its hosting type. Locally hosted websites from Thailand don’t consume much time in loading in Asia and users get a seamless experience from that. The transition of a page from one to another is quite pleasant for users, as the impressive request to response time increases the utility of the website. Local businessmen in Thailand should opt for Thai hosting to load the web content faster and make it user-friendly in Thailand and Asia.

  •  Better Search Engine Ranking

Google keeps a track of IP and location of the host server while showing search results. People having small businesses in Thailand can get the benefit of it and rank their website slightly higher by getting web hosting in Thailand. Google’s local search algorithm will likely show your website higher for local searches (when combined with a local location, local citations etc.) and push traffic towards your website so you may generate more revenue. Asian businessmen who are targeting an audience in Asian countries can also improve their ranking for their targeted market. On the other hand, if you are running a business in India or Pakistan and buy web hosting service from the USA then you may lose a number of visitors as Google algorithms will direct them towards the most consistently local websites with faster local response times. It isn’t all about the IP location, but also about the customer experience and consistency of of the claimed website location.


  •  Better Customer Support

Unavailability of international web hosting suppliers support staff can be a major issue, especially when you are in Asia and have hosted your website in European countries, or the USA. Thailand web hosting suppliers offer 24/7 web hosting services and are always get ready to assist you. Moreover, office hours (when responses are faster) are Asian office hours. Unlike the oversee web hosting services, you don’t have to wait 24-48 hours for the reply of the supplier, rather you can call a Thai hosting supplier or open a ticket and get a quick response. Many companies in Europe and the USE offer live chat and 24 hour support, but when you try to contact the live chat during the USA’s nighttime, often no support staff are available, or they are in another country. Then if you send a ticket, it is often the case that you will  have to wait 24-48 hours for the reply. This is largely why many choose local hosting. 

  •  Internet Service Failures Increased Risks

Oversees web  hosting services are not bad at all, but the risks of failure get higher when a number of connections and exchanges are associated with the internet chain to the hosting. These failures can result in the breakage of ‘cloud access’ and can take much time in re-setup (especially if an international cable gets damaged). Web hosting in Thailand perfectly addresses this issue for local as well as for Asian countries by keeping all exchanges on the same land-forms. This means less distance, less centers, and overall better connectivity.

  •  Getting the Best Deals

An expansion of the Thai economy is coming due to ASEAN community agreements which result in less import tax and increased value of trade between Thailand and ASEAN countries, particularly since the AEC. To garner more benefits, Thailand web hosting packages have improved and now offer deals to attract more customers to this economic hub.


Going for web hosting in Thailand will cater for the needs of your website on every front. Ranging from enhanced multi-tiered security updates up to the swift access time, and the hosting services in Thailand are likely going to all be provided under your allocated budget (Thailand is an affordable country to do business with).


If you want your website to thrive and you are in need of organic traffic to whom you don’t want to deflect to other platforms, get your website on web hosting in Thailand and watch it grow. Our servers are fast around the world, but offer significant advantages to local Asia based businesses.