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Car import from the USA with certainty about safe and efficient processes

Marlog Car Handling is a real specialist when it comes to car import from foreign countries. So when you are interested to import a car from the USA, this company provides you the best services. Its expertise has developed since 2000 and it has grown to become one of the largest importers in all of Europe. Their specialists have built a lot of experience in the area of car trading and have forged a lot of contacts. The scale in which they operate is a great benefit for people who want to buy cars in foreign countries, because a cost-effective solution and an efficient working process is guaranteed. Moreover, the specialists of Marlog Car Handling are always able to give their customers the best advice.

Import and export processes which include all services

At first, naturally, car import from the USA must be a smooth and safe process. Marlog Car Handling ensures that you can safely import your vehicle from America. The clients of this company include collectors, gearheads, and business partners, who benefit from a complete car importing process. During the complete car import from the USA, or another country that has your favourite cars, everything is taken into account. This includes for example payment intermediation, so you can be sure of a fair payment process. You can also count on their pick-up services, an accurate documentation, shipping import and export, settlement and of course subsequent transport.

Benefit from the qualities of this company

The extensive agency network is one of the main qualities of Marlog Car Handling. In addition, its specialists can also offer the import and export services separately. This can be a cost-effective option when you have arranged parts of the import and export process by yourself. They are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and provide you a bespoke solution in any situation. Choose for the most efficient and safe car import form the USA by getting in touch with the experts of Marlog Car Handling.